You can make a difference!

by Justice

This post is all about reaching out to all of the different humanitarians out there that are both aware and unaware that it is in their blood to help. We had a private donor from a law firm donate a healthy amount which we will talk about soon enough. A large portion of these posts is dedicated toward helping you open your mind and reach out far beyond your natural comfort zones and to see exactly how the world is in need of your assistance as well as to learn just what you can do to become more actively involved. Some might say the term is called an activists, I just like to call it a humanist.

We have had a lot of different supporters come out of the woodworks and step up to the plate by donating to our cause. One supporter that was extremely generous that we must mention was a lawyer from Salt Lake City. He was able to get his firm to donate enough money to help feed an entire village just outside the Gaza strip for an entire year. Believe it or not, there are villages there that are completely impoverished due to the Israeli’s guerrilla tactics. If you do not believe me just watch the documentary, “5 Broken Cameras”, as I have previously mentioned in earlier posts.

Justice In America?

by Justice

Just as the title says I wanted to briefly check in and see if the general consensus feels that there is or is not true justice in America. Take the “Black Lives Matter” controversy for instance. I think that the rebuttal to this movement as far as “All Lives Matter” is more poignant, but I understand the cause behind the latter of these two movements. What I am curious about is why no American movement is asking about or fighting for the cause of the treacheries that is going on in the Middle East.

Far more lives are being taken in the name of God and they are being treated far worse than any Afro-Americans are in America. I am positive if you compared just how unfair a certain population has it, you will quickly see their is zero justice in Palestine and only racism in America. If you do not believe me still, just take a look at the 2013 documentary “5-Broken Cameras”. In this documentary, the star of the film actually goes through 5 cameras to show the world what is really going on over there. After I watched it the first time I actually cried and became more of an activist to helping out over there.

So perhaps next time you feel that you are being treated unfairly, or are being discriminated against, please take the time to watch the show which will quickly remind you of just how unfair life can really be. Keep in the mind the show has it’s fair share of action but its main goal is to depict truth and not just a piece or concept of the truth. So you will pretty much see everything. This means that it is sometimes slow and takes patience as you will be reading the subtitles as the language is spoken in Arabic with no translation and only captioning. If you can sit through that, then you are in for a royal treat.

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Resigning as Speaker of the House

by Justice

Today I heard on the news that John Boehner is going to resign from his position of Speaker of the House.  He obviously has been thinking about his for quite sometime now.  Boehner has had a difficult job and has often been ridiculed because he has been placed in a hard position as a republican representative and speaker of the house.  Would you want that job under President Obama who believes he is above the constitution?  There is no way in heck I would want that job.  I too, would have resigned….probably years ago in fact.

Will government decide to shut down next week?  Lawmakers are trying to prevent another government shutdown.  So Republicans have often disapproved of the government activity.  Can you blame them with the leadership of our country at this time?

They say that John Boehner’s failure was indeed leading to defeat because of the position the republican party took to oppose government time and time again.  It had to have been a tough job as he was doing his best to manage the division of the republican party.  I do not blame Boehner or the republican party for the position they have been put in over and over.  I blame the leaders of our country.  They have been put in a very difficult position as the president feels he can veto any decision they make.  Mr. President has abused his power during his term as president feeling and acting above the law and the constitution.

Boehner is the first speaker of the house who has willing resigned since Thomas P. O’Neill Jr. in 1986.   Boehner has been under tremendous pressure during his time as speaker of the house because of the push to cut spending and also the push for a more aggressive stance to change policy.  I would be exhausted from the constant fight too, but I feel as if Boehner is at peace with his decision to resign.  If he didn’t resign some feel he would have a continually humiliating battle with his party.

Boehner feels that his most important job as speaker of the house is to protect the institution.  He feels that the turmoil he experienced as speaker of the house would do more harm than good, in fact irreversible damage to the institution if he were to continue as speaker of the house.

How would it be to manage the challenges Boehner faced as a divided government while doing his best to hold together members of the conservative republican party?  Has the strain in the republican party had an effect on the current race for a new republican presidential nomination?  I believe it has had a huge impact on the current republican leaders.  Many candidates have criticized and ridiculed republican leaders as the race is on and the nation is looking for a republican presidential nomination.

Mr. Boehner has been trying to come up with a solution to the pressing government shut down that is upon us.  He wants to be able to avoid a shut down through the rest of the year but the pressure from his party has been overwhelming.  Conservatives have come forward saying that they will not support a bill which provides funding for Planned Parenthood.

Some believe that Boehner’s resignation will diminish the chance for a shut down because the leaders of both parties will most likely present a short-term plan which funds the continuation of an operating government.  With Boehner out of the picture, he will no longer be pressured or threatened by those who wanted him to step down.  Therefore, both parties will be able to come forward with a plan to avoid a government shut down.

So who will take Boehner’s place as speaker of the house?  Republicans prefer Paul D. Ryan who has said he doesn’t want the job.  Can you blame him?  Who would want the job, honestly?

Ryan compliment Boehner as he stated that Boehner has been a great leader of the house and republican party.  Ryan continued, that being speaker of the house was an act of pure selflessness and that whoever becomes Boehner’s successor will definitely inherit very complex dynamics in the position as speaker of the house and leader of the republican party.

What are your feelings about all of this?  I feel that Boehner has had a difficult job from the beginning of President Obama’s term as president.  Having an entitled president has made everyone else’s job extremely hard.  So I realize that you may disagree with me and that is okay.  Please share your thoughts and feelings with us all.

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Innocent until proven guilty

by Justice

I am sure you have heard about the allegations against Bill Cosby.  Did you grow up watching the Cosby Show or Fat Albert?  My wife and I grew up watching Bill Cosby and I actually own the Fat Albert dvds.

When I heard about the allegations against Bill Cosby I was shocked.  To be honest, I was stunned.  He doesn’t seem like the type of man to give women prescription drugs and then rape them, does he?

Whoopi Goldberg said she is not one to judge because she has been judged.  She tries to be super careful and expressed that in the United States of America, Bill Cosby is innocent until proven guilty.  Another lady, who was actually Cosby’s step-granddaughter on the Cosby Show agreed that she needs proof before she will make a judgement against him.

Laurie Levenson, on the other hand said that when it comes to the court of public opinion, Bill Cosby has been convicted of rape.  Why is that?  Well, because so many women have come forth with allegations against him.  On top of that, one article shared that Cosby confessed that he gave the women the drugs.  If he did give the women the drugs because the women would not agree to shacking up with him, he should be responsible for his actions, right?

Cosby is being sued by many women.  In fact, there are over thirty that have come forward claiming that he drugged them and then raped them.  He actually has another deposition in October. We will see what the outcome is real soon.

Do you think Bill Cosby has a legacy that is in jeopardy?  According to one interview, he did not seem worried about his legacy.  One article I read said he has denied every allegation that these thirty women have made.  So he has not been charged with anything yet, but what are your feelings about all of these allegations?

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Trump’s latest OOPS!

by Justice

Have you heard the latest criticism against the front runner, Donald Trump?  At Trump’s latest gathering, a man made a statement about President Obama being Muslim.  People think that Trump should have corrected the man saying that President Obama is not Muslim and that he is in fact Christian.  People think that Mr. Trump responded inappropriately as he laughed and said, “We need this question.  We are going to be looking into that.”

So what was this man’s question that has everyone riled?  This man started his question by saying that we have a problem in this country, the problem is Muslims.  He then continued saying, “we know our current president is one.”  This is where people wanted Trump to correct the man and stick up for President Obama interjecting that he is not a Muslim but Christian.  The man also said, “You know President Obama is not even American.”  Is he American?  Some people think that Obama is hiding a lot about his personal life.  Was he really born in Hawaii?  What’s his religion?  Does he even have a religion?  Is he Muslim?  Is he Christian?

After the event, Trump’s campaign team explained that Trump was just responding to the part of the question that talked about the training camps and not responding to the man’s statements about Obama being Muslim.  Does Donald Trump have foot in mouth disease?  Should he keep his mouth shut or do you like that he speaks his mind?  Is this Mr. Trump’s strategy?  Is he causing a lot of upheaval on purpose?  What are your thoughts on this current GOP race?

I actually find Mr. Trump pretty entertaining.  At times, I find my self laughing out loud at his approach and the chaos he’s creating and the reactions he’s getting from people.  I totally think this is his strategy for his campaign.  The people that supporting Trump and those that are on his side are going with him in this race because no one else has had the guts to truly say how they are feeling about the current state of our nation.  How do you feel about Donald Trump running for president?  Are you a supporter?  Let me know your thoughts and feelings about this current presidential race.

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Hillary Clinton

by Justice

Do you know who you’ll be voting for in the 2016 presidential race?  Is Hillary Clinton the best choice?  Is she trustworthy?  Many voters do not trust Hillary Clinton.  In March, news of her private email server was brought to light.  Will this be a huge challenge for Hillary as she attempts to run for president in 2016?

There are a lot of lawsuits against Hillary, dozens in fact.  They are trying to get a hold of Hillary’s emails.  It appears that the state department will be asking for all of the lawsuits to be considered by only one judge.

Some of Hillary’s aides have been called in before the House Select Committee for closed door depositions.  One of the former state department employees, Bryan Pagliano has plead the fifth amendment because he doesn’t want to testify before the committee.  Does that mean he doesn’t want to incriminate Hillary Clinton?  Would he have to testify of knowing something, knowing of classified emails and material that may have been sent or received by Hillary?  Is Bryan Pagliano protecting Hillary by pleading the fifth.  Something seems off to me, fishy in fact.

On October 22, Hillary will go before the committee for an open hearing.  It is said to be one event, one hearing, that will bring in a lot of television attraction.  Did Hilary commit a crime?  They are saying she did not because she didn’t “knowingly” release classified materials.  That sounds so ridiculous.  She’s not being investigated of “knowingly” sending any classified materials.  The State Department has stated that the information they have reviewed and uncovered isn’t deemed classified at the time it was sent or received.  What does that even mean?

Each government agency in and of itself, is liable for deciding which of their own materials is deemed classified.  There are a team of about 12 officials who are going through emails and they will recommend whether or not the emails should or should not be called “classified.”

A spokesman for the state department reported that they have to go through every email with a fine toothed comb.  They not only have the state department review all of the emails, but they also have an intelligence community go through the emails to determine whether they are “classified” or not.  Some of the emails will be easy to determine whether or not they are classified.  On the other hand, some of them will require more time to look over, review and will even require a discussion to determine the outcome.

Did Hilary violate government policy?  Well, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan has come to the conclusion that Hilary did violate government policy.  He commented that if Hilary would have followed the policy, this wouldn’t be an issue at all.  All of the lawsuits over her emails would not be lawsuits.

So Hilary had to turn over her private server to the FBI.  The server that she had wiped clean.  Apparently she had to provide hard copies of the emails to the state department as well as a PDF electronic copy to the Justice Department.  People are wondering though, if the emails have the meta data on it.  A server that has been wiped clean, will it have any meta data on it?  Would you see the emails the same way as you would see them on the server verses a PDF copy on a thumb drive of the emails.  I don’t think so.  The emails could have very easily been altered or changed.  Who knows if parts of emails where changed or deleted.

Hilary claims she didn’t ever send or receive emails that were deemed classified at the time.  Ironically enough, many of Hilary’s emails have been determined classified, in fact retroactively classified by the state department.

Can you trust Hilary Clinton to be the next president of the United Sates?  Please share what you think about all of the hoop la going on as we prepare to elect another president of the United States.

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Why are most people not actively involved!

by Justice

Today’s afternoon post is more of a question than an opinion although I am sure I will be expressing personal thoughts at the same time. So the first question is this. Why are more people not interested in what is happening in both the state, national and even global level? Don’t they get it that we are all connected and need to have an interest in what “our species” is doing or not doing that they need to? The main issue with this is that who gets to decide what is morally right and not? It can actually be a really hard task to get everyone to see eye to eye. Which raises another question. Do you think it is even possible for the world to ever see eye to eye?

What would it take for this to even happen? Why do you think that most people actually feel awkward around an activist? What exactly is an activist? Perhaps if we knew more about current events and the premiss behind why an activists does what they do instead of “not wanting to get involved”. This is such a strange phenomena to me. I truly can not understand why it is counter culture to care about other individuals beside myself, even if they live in a different country. Perhaps I just answered my own question because I believe that we are conditioned to remain ignorant in America. We have so many blessings available to us on a regular basis. Our upper management, otherwise known as “Big Brother” watching over us, prefers us all to be comfortably numb. They want us to believe that as long as we have our needs met, that is all that matters. All we need to do is remain compliant and not buck against the system so they can continue to work their secret machinations behind closed doors.

If you agree or disagree, please comment and keep coming back often as I would love to hear your different opinions and thoughts. This is a collective after all. Have a wonderful day and may you always be fighting for true justice in all places and at all times.

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by Justice

Have you heard about the upheaval that has been happening over the last year or so in Ferguson Missouri?  I was shocked to turn on the T.V. recently and hear that there is still a lot going on in Ferguson Missouri, even a year later after Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer.  Michael was unarmed When he was shot and killed by Darren Wilson.

Following the shooting, residents of Ferguson started protests that lasted for weeks.  The shooting happened in August and in November the prosecutor for St. Louis County reported that the grand jury concluded that Mr. Darren Wilson would not be indicted for shooting and killing Michael Brown.

This declaration started another ripple of protests.  Later in March, it was requested by the Justice Department that Ferguson take a look at their criminal justice system.  The Justice Department stated that the city had violated the constitutional rights of the system and that this was an act of discrimination against African-Americans.

The Justice Department felt that police department in Ferguson was targeting African-Americans for jail sentences, using excessive force and traffic stops.

The Attorney general Eric Holder ordered an investigation after this shooting occurred.  They looked at the time period between 2012 to 2014 and the findings were very interesting.  Even though 67% of the population is African-American the outcome of the investigation warranted what the Justice Department had claimed had validity.

From 2012-2014, 85% of the citizens the police in Ferguson stopped were African-American.  Out of all the stops, 90% were African-Americans that received citations and of these 93% of those arrested were African-American.

The police used force in 88% of the incidents that were against African-American and they were twice as likely to be searched during traffic stops but 26% less likely to have contraband in their possession.

So you probably get the same feeling I do while having read the newspaper or having heard the news.  What is going on here with our police departments?  Do they feel entitled or that their position as an authoritative figure gives them the right to treat anyone the way they do?  I’ll let you answer that question as I feel that there have been way too many officer involved shootings in the U.S. since Michael Brown was shot.

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Hello Fellow Justice Seekers of the World!

by Justice 0 Comments

This music video has so much power and influence behind it if you are open to the message. The question is are you open? As you listened to it was it just another cool reggae song or were you able to catch the underlying message behind it? Perhaps you should go back and listen again if you think it was just another reggae song. I feel this video and post are perfect for the very first Justice Wheels blog to be about. We all deserve and need equal rights and justice. Just because injustice is not personally affecting you, does not give you the excuse to neglect a helping hand. At the same time, anytime any of us are treated unfairly in the human family and we idly standby, you are an addition to the problem instead of a solution. If one is hungry and we feed not, then all are starving. How can we say a nation is doing well if not all in the nation are doing well? Is this school of thought starting to take form or are you choosing to remain ignorant and only worry about your immediate self and family?

Just as Ghandi said, “we must be the change we desire to see in the world”! We cannot sit back and expect others to do it. Take for instance this website. It took some effort to get it up and running. I had to have faith that it is not just a waste of my time. That sooner than later I will have a reader fan base. Than sooner than later people will come together over the social issues that scream for justice through reform. I could sit back and say, I hope someone does something about that, as that sure is not right; or I can get off my butt and do something about it. Either way the choice is always ours my friend! May you choose to be proactive and join the crusade against injustice by first accepting that we all need and deserve equal rights and justice! Then we must start educating the masses. Just as the famous song by “The Doors” (Five to One), said, “they got the guns but we got the numbers”! As soon as we all unite and realize that there truly is a strength in numbers and that America is a republic and not a democracy. Power to the people but not just in the United States, but in the entire world. May you find this post in good faith and have a fire untied within to start a reform movement. Let the wheels of justice roll forth with nothing stopping it in its way! God Speed! Feel free to get in touch via email: Help@JusticeWheels.Org.


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